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Phil Johncock

I like spending time with ‘high energy, creative’ people. I value integrity, play, generosity, fun, health, balance, and leaving legacies.

Hello! My name is Phil Johncock.

Here are 4 main areas of focus for me personally and professionally …

  • Grant Professor
  • Google Make Over
  • enLocal
  • Speaker

Grant Professor

  • Classes – You could take one or more of the top “online” grant classes  in grant writing basics, locating funders & letter proposal template training,
  • Grant Lead Generator – Our top professionals and trained, lower-cost interns deliver strong funder prospects directly to you and your agency.
  • Certification & GPCI Exam Prep – Because of the increased interest in passing the Grant Professional Certification exam and confusion about various grant certification programs (I designed one of them), we now offer an “online” prep class, certification program comparison & free resources.
  • Save Time – In less than 4 hours, you can listen to The Fastest Way To Get Grants “home study” system that made over $1.2 Billion in grant funds in 2.5 years … 25 years in the making.

Google Make Over

  • Coming soon … Google Make Over, Personal Edition
  • Coming soon … Google Make Over, Small Business Edition
  • SEO – You don’t have to be an expert to take advantage of simple, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and strategies. Stay tuned … we can make your life easier.
  • Website/Blog – If you want a website or blog, you can learn with our Website/Blog Creation Workshop. We do the heavy lifting for you to get started … so you can spend time on what you do best.
  • Social Media – Want to dominate the first page of Google for your name or your business market place? One of the easiest (and least expensive) ways is through using social media, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Stay tuned … we can help.


  • Lead Gen Sites – Get more customers for your local business with specially designed sites that only enLocal offers.
  • Google Maps - Heard of Google Maps? You can use it to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Beta Test – Get on the first page of Google & dominate your market. Click here to see what we’re beta testing with local businesses in Nevada … so to be expanding to more Western States, too.


  • Radio Show – At Blog Talk Radio, the primary focus of 2010 shows is interviewing top experts in Grant & Tax-Exempt (nonprofit) field.
  • Webinars and Teleseminars – Save travel costs with trainings on a variety of productivity enhancement and self-growth areas delivered to your computer or phone line! Watch for announcements of upcoming webinars and teleseminar trainings.
  • Presentations and Public Speaking – Contact me directly about presenting to you and your business or speaking to your special group.

My Story

Johncock Family

For the last 26 years (with the exception of 1995-1997 in the Canadian Rockies), I have lived in Tahoe/Reno. I love the 300+ days of sunshine and majestic Lake Tahoe nearby. Before that, I lived and worked in central Mexico (1982-1984). I grew up and attended college in Michigan (1959-1981).

I am a leading authority in

  • Grant Writing and Grant Education,
  • How To Optimize How You and Your Business Show Up On Google,
  • Local Business Marketing, and
  • Writing Books (11 published in 3 years) and Public Speaking.

I enjoy creating learning systems for individuals, groups, institutions and communities. For example, in Mexico and the U.S. in 1981-1995, I created English and Spanish language training programs for dozens of businesses, high schools, colleges and universities … serving tens of thousands of language-learning students and winning national awards.

101 Ways

I have written and published 11 books in 3 years, many with best-selling authors: 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Health (with David Riklan of and 100 heath experts like Dr. Joseph Cilea); Already Home, Book of Life, and Power of Integrity (with Dr. Gay Hendricks); Movement Activities & Breathing Observations Manual (with Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks and Linda Marinovich); The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook: The Path of SkyDancing Tantra (with Margot Anand); The Power of Living Genius and Companion Journal (with Megan Sillito); the Power of Creativity (with comedian Jennifer Blaine); Dream-Making to Billions: Grant Writing Tips from the Experts; and Family Diary of Zelpha Morehouse Johncock (posthumously with my great grandmother, Zelpha).

Click Here for Online Store Of My Books

My Blogs & Sites

I have over 40 websites, most of which are squeeze pages for launches and about 50% are WordPress site/blogs. Beside this site, the most popular ones are …

Thank you for visiting.

~Phil Johncock