2nd Saturn Return

Here’s how I think of a Saturn return.

You’re standing on a curb with 17 suitcases. It’s hot. It’s August. Sweat’s running down your face a) because it’s so hot and b) because you’re stressed. You don’t know how you’re going to cross the street with all this baggage. It’s New York City, so no one’s going to help you.

The light suddenly turns green. You smile. You bend your knees. You don’t look down. You grab 2 suitcases that you know are the perfect suitcases for you at this time. You cross the street not looking back. Some homeless people happily pick up the other 15 suitcases.

There is a release of old junk that is valuable to others but not valuable to you in your new beginning. It’s not worthless. It’s just no longer valuable to you. It’s too much stuff.Laurence Hillman, Astrologer

I understand that Saturn returns to the same point in the sky at the time of our birth, every 29 1/2 years. Saturn Returns, then happen at age 29 1/2, 59, 88 1/2, etc.

“Think back,” Laurence encouraged, “to what happened the first time. What happened on an emotional, mind/body level as a way of really rebirthing yourself into something new.”

Do you remember when you had your first Saturn Return?

Mine occurred in the summer of 1988. The day after I graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with my Masters degree, I received a phone call from Sigrun Coffman, an administrator at Truckee Meadows Community College, asking me if I would write a grant to create a language learning program for newly legalized immigrants which was my ideal career. “Thanks for thinking of me,” I replied. “But, I’ve never written a grant proposal before.”

What happened next changed my life! Click here for my story and how I was rebirthed into something new.

Back in 2017, as I prepare for my second Saturn Return (January 2018), I fondly reflect back on the life-changing rebirth during my first Saturn Return and smile. 🙂 I appreciate Laurence for his suggestion to “think back” to what happened last time and vivid imagery. I appreciate that I literally recycled many items as I moved to Ashland, Oregon almost a year ago.

I still have more things yet to drop and recycle this year. Every day, I imagine more clearly this image… The light suddenly turns green. I smile. 🙂 I bend my knees. I don’t look down. I grab 2 suitcases that I know are the perfect suitcases for me at this time. I cross the street not looking back.

How are you preparing for your second and perhaps even your third Saturn Return?

In 2017, I am preparing for my second Saturn Return (2018) by focusing on what I am calling Experiments in Aliveness…

  • I already published 2 new Kindle 1-hour reads (33-43 pages) in my Grant Professor Success Series: Attracting Funders & How to Be Grant Ready. Many more 1-hour reads in this series and other areas are in cue at the moment, at various stages of completion. In fact, I created a unique system for completing 1-hour Kindle reads of my most important work some in as little as 1-hour.
  • I started the year with a Facebook post on “aliveness” on my birthday January 4. I’m excited to see what emerges from these experiments personally AND professionally! It’s like I’m developing my own PHILosophy… that which is uniquely PHIL. 🙂

For my third Saturn Return (2047), I’m preparing now by putting down roots in Ashland, OR and taking impeccable care of my body. My father is 88 right now and plans to be one of a handful of Americans who have run a marathon when he’s 90 and the first to run one when he’s 100. I appreciate my dad for sharing his good genes and inspiration.

What about you? Do you remember when you had your first Saturn Return… what happened on an emotional, mind/body level? What ideas do you have for preparing for your second or even your third Saturn Return?